Star rollers and winches are essential equipment for modern mussel farming. Mussel farming plants in the open sea with typical long line structures require, in fact, a continuous and repeated lifting of the rows to which the product to be picked or worked is hung. Thanks to the use of these simple machines, the boat can lift the row only once, traveling its entire length without using the propulsion engines.

Our winches for lifting the mussel farming rows consist of a bracket in AISI 316L stainless steel and a bell made of cast iron or other stainless material to ensure excellent friction and maximum resistance to the pull of anchoring rope loops. Hydraulic motor and distributor can be supplied with gr2 or gr3 type transmission, according to the requirements.

The star rollers with adjustable bracket are made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel. The new reinforced design ensures maximum reliability and resistance, solving the classic problem of tip row loading that forced the mussel farmers to have to change the shafts of the traditional star rollers when the marine conditions led them to bend. The hinged bracket to be fixed on the poles of the structure of the boat allows the adjustment of the inclination of the star roller along the vertical and transversal axes, giving the operator the maximum flexibility and possibility of adaptation to the marine weather conditions that can be encountered in a mussel farming plant. The motorization is hydraulic, with the possibility of connecting the rollers in series for the activation of a set through any distributor belonging to the group.

Safety and reliability

Our equipment for lifting mussel farming rows are designed to be used in total safety, eliminating and protecting all possible risk points for the operator, which must in any case be adequately trained to use ropes on board of fishing boats.

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