The cotton tubular net for mussel farming is the biodegradable solution for retubing (resocking) mussel spat. The first quality material with which we produce our cotton tubular net ensures both a high resistance to tear and friction (the net will not break during the net loading and mussel resocking stages) and a certain degradation rate that will allow you to optimally plan your production. The cotton tubular net can be produced in many sizes and types, depending on the diameter of the tube to be used during the resocking stage, and on the needs and habits of the mussel farmer. 

Different degradation rates


Natural cotton has a white color and in salty sea waters can completely degrade in 4-6 weeks.


Colored cotton has a faster degradation pace that can generally melt in sea water in 2-3 weeks.


The degradation time may vary depending on the condition of the waters (salinity, temperature, currents, etc.)


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