The Mini Bag Trace is an automatic packaging machine for shellfish or other food products that is cheap, fast, reliable, with reduced dimensions and suitable for fragile products. Minor sister of the Economy Bag Trace, this automatic packaging machine is dedicated to those who do not want to give up the extreme weighing precision of a multi-head even if they have small quantities of products to be packaged.

The installation of a 10-head multi-head weighing machine for weighing the product guarantees accuracy and precision to the tenth of a gram. The standard version of the Mini Bag Trace also uses advanced anti-breaking devices to treat the product with the utmost care, and with its small size is particularly suitable for working in environments where the height of the machine can be a problem.

The shellfish trade sector has been recording an increase in quality and precision requirements for years, especially regarding the packaging that will then go into the hands of the final consumer. Large-scale retailers are increasingly looking to turn to small businesses for their supplies, often capable of guaranteeing greater attention to product quality. The Mini Bag Trace offers an excellent compromise for those packing centers that, despite not having the space and financial possibilities of the largest companies in the sector, still want to guarantee their customers the highest quality and precision in the supply of the product.

Suitable for fragile products

The Mini Bag Trace has, in its basic version, advanced and reliable anti-breaking mechanisms, which accompany the fall of the product from the weigher to the mesh bag dividing it in various intervals, thus allowing to pack even the most fragile type of shellfish with the utmost care.


The Mini Bag Trace automatic packing machine has 3 operating modes (two automatic and one semi-automatic): with a packaging speed of up to 34 bags per minute, our machine is suitable for working with any type of product and for any type of packaging, from 100 grams to 10 kg!

The advantage of the wire

The packing system uses low-price continuous wire instead of the more expensive aluminum pre-shaped clips, allowing very large savings that will grow along with your productivity.

Remote assistance

The machine can be equipped with a remote assistance kit through which our technicians can check and solve from distance and in real time any malfunction in the dosing and packing stages, providing a double benefit to the customer: in addition to extremely reducing the time for resolving the encountered problem, the remote assistance kit allows to avoid the cost of an on-site service call for most of the problems.

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